Thursday, November 1, 2012

ellie's halloween parade!

What a special day!  I went to ellie's school to see my little strawberry do a little trick or treating with in her hallways.  She was so excited, and really understood the idea of trick or treating.  My sweet ellie was so kind- after every "treat" she got she had to show me it in her bag- and hug and tell the person thank you who gave her the candy!

This is ellie's new teacher this year!

going trick or treating- so proud!  I couldn't have been more excited and overwhelmed by god's true thankfulness, as i thought of last halloween.  I came to this same parade at ellie's school- she was in a stroller, couldn't walk, talk, and didn't understand anything going on that day.  I remember watching all the sweet kids in her class get candy, walk to the next person for candy, as i pushed ellie at 2 yr olds,  wondering if she would ever walk.  This year- she is my little miracle.  She is not only walking, but talking, she says- "tappy weeeennnn" for happy halloween- AND- "tick o teat" for trick or treat!  She had a blast and I was completely moved from God's faithfulness!

The REAL treat of the day- Her precious----- MS PAT---who retired last year came back to give the kids candy...and when she saw miss ellie and ellie saw her- there are no words- priceless!

ellie getting candy- look at that strawberry!

nana and pappy came for the parade!

ms. pat loving on ellie after the parade!  I was in tears!

no words, they love each other.....

i couldn't forget miss haper kate, she went to the parade too!  =)

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