Thursday, November 1, 2012

halloween 2012!

the super hero's in my house!  Love my boys!

graham and ellie getting ready for halloween- ellie should have been pebbles!  i love her hair- maggie our sweet friend always make miss ellie look too cute! 

teaching ellie how to trick or treat- she loved it!  Graham didn't mind it either!

trick or treat!

graham- caption america with his pumpkin!

caption AMERICA!

cousins will and logan were precious georgia football players!  Go dawgs!!!!!!!! 

Love these boys!

daddy and ellie on halloween night- sweetest strawberry in town!

Batman joined the fun, our sweet buddy ethan!

And as tradition for 3 years now- our sweet bugs- the beckner red head friends came to buzz around our neighborhood!  It was a crew- but fun!!!!!!!

sweet kate with kitty cat emory!

ellie tricck or treating!

ellie giving hugs to brynlee!

Caption AMERICA, and Batman!!!!!!

sweet lady bug!

our family- minus harper kate- she was at home staying cozy warm with maggie and giving out candy to friends!

the spread!

Lauren made these precious owl cupcakes.....adorable! 

our sweet friends!!!!!  we love them! The Estep boys!

the sweetest treat of the night!

nana and pappy saying goodnight for the night!  It was a fun night!!!!!

ellie's halloween parade!

What a special day!  I went to ellie's school to see my little strawberry do a little trick or treating with in her hallways.  She was so excited, and really understood the idea of trick or treating.  My sweet ellie was so kind- after every "treat" she got she had to show me it in her bag- and hug and tell the person thank you who gave her the candy!

This is ellie's new teacher this year!

going trick or treating- so proud!  I couldn't have been more excited and overwhelmed by god's true thankfulness, as i thought of last halloween.  I came to this same parade at ellie's school- she was in a stroller, couldn't walk, talk, and didn't understand anything going on that day.  I remember watching all the sweet kids in her class get candy, walk to the next person for candy, as i pushed ellie at 2 yr olds,  wondering if she would ever walk.  This year- she is my little miracle.  She is not only walking, but talking, she says- "tappy weeeennnn" for happy halloween- AND- "tick o teat" for trick or treat!  She had a blast and I was completely moved from God's faithfulness!

The REAL treat of the day- Her precious----- MS PAT---who retired last year came back to give the kids candy...and when she saw miss ellie and ellie saw her- there are no words- priceless!

ellie getting candy- look at that strawberry!

nana and pappy came for the parade!

ms. pat loving on ellie after the parade!  I was in tears!

no words, they love each other.....

i couldn't forget miss haper kate, she went to the parade too!  =)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

cuddling saturday

Some of my fav moments as a mommy is when these little faces wake up from nap time.  They're a little extra sweet, rested, and loves to cuddle.  Graham loves on tues, and thurs when ellie's home from school- he gets to be here when she wake up from her nap.  He still love to climp up into her bed and lay with you.  It's priceless.  He take his blanket in her room to snuggle with her.  These little moments this momma with try to hold so near to my heart forever! 

It's a big treat in our house to hold hk.  The kids constantly want to hold her.  After naps today I was changing ellie and graham wanted to hold her- then ellie- so i let them both and they couldn't have been more excited and happier! 

Makes me smile.


ellie must say about 100 times a day now...."hey harrrrter tate."(says it super fast)

our saturday.....=)
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

my happiness....

Look at this face....I mean....just my joy!  Graham is TOTALLY into dressing up into different characters, and saying- "mommy, my names not graham it's ....(whoever he is dressed up like).  He was running around the house today being jake the pirrot!  He was cracking me up, but of course he was a nice pirrot he kept saying- not a mean one.  He didn't want to scare Harper kate.  He is really torn these days b/c he can't figure out just how he is going to marry ellie and hk now.... (ha!).  Love this age!

Just being a little silly....

errrrrrrrrrrrrr matey!  =)  Just had to share this sweetness for the day....I am loving the days this big boy is home with me!
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

4 weeks old

I honestly can't believe miss harper kate is 4 weeks old today.
She has been a great baby so far, although i think the last 4 weeks she's been in her "sleepy" new born stage, and is starting to wake up a bit more now!
We love having a new little one in the house, although I'm tired a lot, she is a trooper at night.  She is going 5 or 6 hours sometimes already at night.  thank you lord!

Here are some pictures I snapped on my bed for a few 4 week pics! 

We love you precious little girl!
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

loving on hk!

Graham sure is one proud brother!  I picked him up from school today and he said- as he ran to his little baby sister- "mommy, I love hk more than any girl in the world, even more than you."  Even though my heart tugged a little- I said- "oh graham I am so glad!"  He really does adore her, he wants to hold her allllll the time and help me constantly, it's super sweet!  As you can tell from above, he adores her! 

Sweet, Mrs. Fay came to bring us dinner last week and visit with the little one!  She loved changing her tiny diaper and couldn't believe my baby has so much dark hair...ha ha! 

The flacks came to b-ham!  Last Sunday my cousin "mer mer" as we call her and her sweet hubby came into down for the weekend to visit- and we got out sunday morning for a fun brunch with them on sunday.  It was a fun and sweet breakfast to catch up and introduce them to the new addition.  Thanks for the sweet time!

Our crew!  Meredith can't belive I have 3 kids!  =) 

More loving for miss hk!  Banana loves a sweet baby- their sounds- their face- it all!  thanks for the quick visit and letting me have some "adult" talk!  =)  My life seems to be able diapers, feedings, toys, snacks, and it's non-stop!

Last week nana and pappy were thrilled to hold and love on hk!  They kept switching back and forth to who was holding her....sweet girl has lots of love covering her!

3 weeks old.  We are in love with her!
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