Saturday, September 22, 2012

cuddling saturday

Some of my fav moments as a mommy is when these little faces wake up from nap time.  They're a little extra sweet, rested, and loves to cuddle.  Graham loves on tues, and thurs when ellie's home from school- he gets to be here when she wake up from her nap.  He still love to climp up into her bed and lay with you.  It's priceless.  He take his blanket in her room to snuggle with her.  These little moments this momma with try to hold so near to my heart forever! 

It's a big treat in our house to hold hk.  The kids constantly want to hold her.  After naps today I was changing ellie and graham wanted to hold her- then ellie- so i let them both and they couldn't have been more excited and happier! 

Makes me smile.


ellie must say about 100 times a day now...."hey harrrrter tate."(says it super fast)

our saturday.....=)
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